The cabinets on this page are all second hand. From time to time we get offered good quality used cabinets that we feel our customers might be interested in. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of them.

Because we cannot make more of these, once they are gone there are usually no more available. Please contact us to check current availability.

Second hand cabinets are almost always fully built, so freight to centres outside of Auckland can be challenging. 


Dimensions: 1980mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep

> 4 shelves i.e. 5 shelf spaces
> All-glass frameless construction
> Toughened glass
> Lockable sliding doors
> Wheels, adjustable feet
> Mirror back and top
> Silver melamine finish on base
> 10x halogen spot lights - 2 for each shelf. This is the same model as the DL1000 under Products/Upright Cabinets. 

Condition: Very good.

Number available: 1 - please call or email to confirm


This cabinet originally came from our own collection, and has returned to us in very good condition. No significant scratches or chips. It has been serviced and works perfectly.