The cabinets on this page are all second hand. From time to time we get offered good quality used cabinets that we feel our customers might be interested in. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of them.

Because we cannot make more of these, once they are gone there are usually no more available. Please contact us to check current availability.

Second hand cabinets are almost always fully built, so freight to centres outside of Auckland can be challenging.


Dimensions: 1800mm high x 500mm wide x 500mm deep
> 5 shelves (unadjustable) i.e. 6 shelf spaces
> All glass construction
> Toughened glass
> Lockable hinged door
> Wheels, adjustable feet
> Glass top
> Silver melamine finish on base
> No lights
Condition: As New

Number available: 1


This cabinet originally came from our own collection, and has returned to us in mint condition. This is a good opportunity to get an As New cabinet for a second hand price.

Euro Design

Dimensions: 1800mm high x 600mm wide x 400mm deep
> 4 shelves (unadjustable) i.e. 5 shelf spaces
> All glass construction
> Lockable hinged door
> Wheels
> Wooden top, finished in silver melamine
> 2xhalogen downlights, cord from top
Condition: Excellent

Number available: 2

PRICE: $450+GST each

Although these cabinets were not originally sourced from us, their history and use is well known to us. They have had 3 careful lady owners, as it were.  There are no chips or scratches on the glass, and no noticeable damage. We do know that these were originally marketed by an Italian design company, through an agent in Auckland.

Second Hand Cabinet

Dimensions: 1800mm high x 1000mm wide x 500mm deep
> 3 shelves (adjustable) i.e. 4 shelf spaces
> Metal frame, powdercoated blue, as shown in photo
> Sliding doors
> Glass top
> Storage cupboard
> No lights
Condition: Good

Number available: 1


This cabinet is solidly built in NZ. It is a basic design but it is large, works well and is in good condition. No scratches on glass or obvious marks.

Display Racks

Dimensions: 1720mm high x 750mm wide x 320mm deep
> 5 shelves (unadjustable)
> Metal frame, anodised black, as shown in photo
> Sturdy and strong construction. Attractive design
Condition: Good

Number available: 4

PRICE: $25+GST each

These racks can be used for display or storage. They are a smart black, with gold caps on the top of the verticals (one of the racks is missing one of its caps). The shelves are a basket weave pattern, so probably not suitable for very small objects without the addition of a piece of card, but for larger objects it will be no problem. A few minor marks, but no bad damage.

Display Rack

Dimensions: 1640mm high x 900mm wide x 350mm deep
> 4 shelves (adjustable)
> Metal frame, powdercoated black, as shown in photo
> Adjustable feet
> Sturdy and strong construction. Attractive design
Condition: Very good

Number available: 1


This rack is a basic design, but is very popular and can still be bought new. This one is second hand, is very good condition. With adjustable shelves it is a very useful display or storage rack.

Display Rack

Dimensions: various. Please enquire
> Metal bracket for various purposes, as shown
Condition: Good

Number available: Quite a few. Please enquire.

PRICE: $1+GST a piece

Currently we also have a number of shelf supports and display hooks. Various sizes and quantities. If you're interested, please let us know. Going for a giveaway price, so don't delay - they won't last long at this price.

Display Accessories

The items in the photo are sold as is. They are brand new, but one-offs. If you are interested in these, please contact us.

> Four-tier DLE brochure holder. Slightly opaque acrylic. Price: $5+gst
> Display stand. Strong 8mm acrylic. Price: $5+gst
> Book holder. Hinged. Decorative. Price: $1+gst
> Bracelet or ring holder. Metal. Powdercoated black. Price: $1+gst