Display Equipment

Brochure Table


Lighting Box


> Bamboo construction

> Incorporates single sided brochure holder with three levels

> Fits A4 sized brochures

> Two height settings: 900mm and 1040mm 

> Collapsible for easy storage

> Comes in a canvas bag for easy transportation

> Bamboo with acrylic panel

> Double sided, so graphics are seen on both sides

> Graphic size: 300 x 1500mm (2 required)

> Illuminated with LED strip lights in centre

> 2.5m electrical cord

> Graphics not included


900H x 700W x 390D

1525H x 550W x 305D

A3 Signboard


Poster A-Frame


> Bamboo sign display

> Graphic size: 300x420mm

> Adjustable height

> Can be switched to portrait or landscape

> Bamboo A-frame

> Whiteboard on one side, blackboard on the other

> Both sides can be covered with a poster graphic

> Poster size: 600mm wide x 830mm high

> Poster not included

> Collapsible, and comes in a canvas bag

1310H x 355W x 470D

1170H x 550W x 305D